Monday, June 29, 2015

Our last session of gymnastics

On Monday 29th of June Mr J's class had there last session of gymnastics. Before we did the different stages we played a game with a parachute, everyone stood in a circle and held the parachute on the outside while our coach, Andrew numbered us from 1-12. Whenever Andrew called out a number the two people who had that number ran under the parachute while everyone else shook it. Next we played a game where everyone had to roll a ball around the outside of the parachute clockwise as many times as they could. At the end of the session our other coach Ben, and Andrew held a long skipping rope and made us get into buddies and run under it without getting hit. Then Andrew gave us a news letter and let us 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good times in the library

Can you find the following books in this picture. 📚

- 3 Roald Dahl books
- 2 upside down books
- how many people are reading their book?
- Can you find the following titles? The Indian in the Cupboard, Hatchet, Call of the Wild, Fancy Nancy, 
   Project Huia, Loamhedge.
- Name the three Terry Practchett books.
- Name four picture books.
- Which two are reference books?
-How many Paul Jennings books are there?
- What is on the cover of The Small Blacks Annual?
- How many books are there in this photo?

When you are done check with a friend to compare your answers😉

                                              📕.  📗.  📘.  📙


On the 24th of June Mr J's class made small cartoon characters with paper. To make the characters you need a piece of black paper, white paper, and two pieces of coloured card. You use one of the coloured pieces of card and the other colours for the character. You could also do families of them. Art work by Isable Cam, Ava Jones and Mr J 
Written by Ava Jones 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our class robot-critters

On Friday 19th of June our class did some art. We were asked to draw our own robots using some of the ideas on the board. On Monday we copied some of the examples on the board and then chose either the one we had just drawn or the one we drew on Friday. The day after that we coloured the one we had chosen and got pieces of coloured card for cutting up. We then used the card to cut out shapes that we needed for our picture, and we glued them on to a background colour.

Here are some photos of our awesome work.

These are some of the robots Grace W copied from the board and coloured in.

This is Isabel's finished work in coloured paper.


On Tuesday's and Fridays Totora 2 have been going to Life Education. We've been
Learning about food, nutrients and body parts. The new body parts I've learnt about are bile, oesophagus, gall bladder and liver. We also got a book to work in and it's got things like word search, a picture of a liver, secret codes and a body sort.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


In Mr J's class we have been learning about fractions. I enjoy working with fractions because it's not to easy or to hard. Every day before we start maths we do a small test with fractions. I have learnt that in fractions the top number of the fraction is called the numerator and the bottom one is the denominator. I've also learnt that the bigger the denominator gets the smaller the pieces gets.

                       By Ava Jones

Physical education😅

Physical education contains games like tapawi, 1,2,3,4,5,6, dodgeball, K.O and netball. It can sometimes be very physical and competitive, other times it is just gentle and fun.