Friday, March 4, 2016

Wow what a day Thursday was. We had Lou come in from the Red Cross to teach us about First Aid. We learnt about putting someone in the recovery position after an accident and calling for an ambulance on 111. Then we learnt what to do if someone is chocking and how to put a sling on a broken arm. Lou also talked a little bit about poisons and how to make a call to the 0800POISON line if anybody has been poisoned. Did you know there are four ways a person can be poisoned. Either by injection, swallowing, breathing or absorbing it through our skin.
Here are some photo's of us putting slings on.

After lunch we had an assembly where we talked about and showed our 5 Sentence Stories. Here are a couple of photos from assembly but Mr J was so enthralled by our item that he forgot to take a photo of it so we had one outside our classroom instead.